Boo Boo Friends Ice Pack -Honey

Boo Boo Friends Ice Pack -Honey

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The ice pack little hands want to hold.  Boo Boo Friends are handmade bears that are kept in the freezer and taken out when a child has a bump, bruise or other "boo boo".  The child is happy to hold his friend against his sore.  There is no mess from melting ice, or chance of frostbite on delicate skin.  Since the Boo Boo Friend will not sweat, the bear can be taken to bed to help soothe fevers.  if child has an ache that requires heat, the Boo Boo Friend can be put in the microwave for 15 seconds. (No, the corn won't pop).


Boo Boo Friends comes in several different colors and patterns. They are made of 100u% cotton material and thread.  They are filled with corn kernels, no chemicals or arificial materials.   


Boo Boo Friends are handmade locally in St. Johns County and have been sold across the country.  

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